Delphax elan™ 500 Pre-Qualified in Government Build In Canada Innovation Program

MINNEAPOLIS, July 15, 2014 — Delphax Technologies Inc. (OTC:DLPX), a global provider of high- speed digital printing equipment, announced today that its elan500 digital color print system has been selected as a pre-qualified product in the Canadian government’s Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP).

The BCIP is a developmental evaluation and procurement program offered by the Canadian government to help companies get innovation out of the lab and into the marketplace through purchases and testing within the federal government. The BCIP was launched in 2010 as a disciplined way to connect businesses with federal departments and agencies that have a need for innovative products and services. Delphax’s engineering and manufacturing facilities are located at its subsidiary, Delphax Technologies Canada Ltd., in Mississauga, Ontario.

Delphax Technologies’ elan 500 is a newly developed production class sheet-fed print system that brings together major advances in inkjet and paper-handling technologies to offer full color and 1600 dpi print quality at speeds of up to 500 impressions per minute. It has been designed for a broad range of mid- to high-volume print applications including direct mail/transpromo, transactional, books and manuals, legal and financial, security and graphic arts. It received the maximum possible score in all three of the innovation categories used in the BCIP ratings. Criteria for maximum innovation scores include requirements that the innovation:

  • “is an exceptional advance on the state of the art and can be considered a new benchmark of state of the art that is clearly ahead of competitors and their current ”
  • “has unique features and benefits that provide exceptional differentiation from competitive offerings and are sufficiently unique that the potential exists to not only create significant competitive advantage in existing market niches but also define new market ”

The BCIP evaluations also include scores for commercialization potential and financial and societal benefits.

“We’re gratified to receive the BCIP’s favorable evaluation of the elan 500—findings that are consistent with our own internal and beta testing—and to be pre-qualified for possible government funding for the purchase of this equipment,” said Dieter Schilling, president and chief executive officer of Delphax. “Powered by Memjet’s Waterfall Printhead Technology®, elan represents an entirely new category of  digital print technology and is our response to growing customer demand for more efficient, versatile and affordable color printing equipment.”

A pioneer in digital print production, Delphax brings more than 30 years of experience in sheet-fed printing innovation to the creation of elan, a robust high-resolution printing platform exploiting the stunning color- reproduction capability of Memjet’s scalable high-speed inkjet technology. Each printhead packs 70,400 nozzles into a silicon structure that delivers 1,600 dpi native print quality that is more dense and cost-efficient than other leading inkjet integrated circuit designs. The printhead requires minimal warm-up time and prints in one pass without scanning back and forth. While dramatically improving performance, this fixed-head architecture also reduces the noise, vibration, mechanical complexity and drop- firing complexity associated with traditional inkjet architectures.

The elan 500 is one of 72 innovations pre-qualified under BCIP’s fourth call for proposals. The BCIP encourages Canadian entrepreneurs to submit innovative designs that can potentially help departments find solutions for achieving their operational objectives. If innovations are successfully matched with a department’s needs, businesses will have their pre-commercial innovative products and services  tested within a government environment and will receive valuable feedback. Since 2010, 156 innovations have  been pre-qualified out of more than 1,200 proposals. Additional information about the BCIP is available at

About Delphax Technologies Inc.

Delphax Technologies Inc. is a global leader in the design, manufacture and delivery of advanced digital print production systems. For more than 30 years, Delphax Technologies has pioneered high-speed digital imaging innovations that improve throughput and enhance efficiencies for publishers, direct marketers and other commercial print customers where cost and quality are important. The Delphax Technologies portfolio includes specialized full color inkjet or monochrome inkjet and toner technologies that are ideal for a wide range of applications over a broad spectrum of substrates from ultra-lightweight paper to heavy stock in both roll-fed and cut-sheet print environments. Delphax Technologies is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA with subsidiaries in Canada, the United Kingdom and France. The company’s common stock is currently quoted over the counter under the symbol DLPX. Additional information is available on the company’s website at

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